Autism Nutrition

Natural and alternative means as preventative and nutritional medicine to help children and adults on the spectrum thrive is crucial for optimizing health inour times; Amber implements proper nutrition as an important key component when managing the symptoms that come along with the autistic spectrum. She focuses where getting better is possible by supporting autistics in emerging in identifying the nutritional influences of limited food acceptance that causes nutrient deficiencies which, paired with other health, environmental, energetic and lifestyle factors, can be detrimental to the development, functionality, and health of an individual on the spectrum. Amber offers years of experience based by her own healing journey, research studies, and recovery applications in dealing with symptoms pertaining to autism, managing the present, and her life as an autistic adult to better identify serving to help others. Her education in Quantum health, nutrition, and alternative therapies and understanding  sensitivities serves to optimize and enhance the overall quality of life for others on the spectrum and bio-nutrient  specific needs. The importance of early nutritional awareness that assists individuals to get the best care possible and prevent long term concerns and nutrition should ultimately result in a developing an enjoyment of movement and a lifetime of health.

How nutrition therapy for ASD works:

Autism is one of the most devastating and challenging diagnosis of our time. lf you know someone who is dealing with autism with their children, or is autistic themselves you are acutely aware of what a difficult situation this presents in life. The medical community is not very helpful, since the underlying cause of this disease is poorly understood and treatments are only marginally effective. Nutritional medicine and proper supplementation can offer the best hope of improvement in these individuals. Amber assists the families of children with Autism and adults with Autism and Asperger’s to create a unique, bio individual path towards improved health. Parents are valued as equal partners and ultimately responsible for the case management of their child’s treatment. Providing a realistic and progressive nutrition path to both fit the child’s lifestyle, and meet his or her health needs with efficacy.

Potential areas covered include: dietary intake, oxidative stress, candida, weight concerns, gastrointestinal concerns/symptoms, healing the gastrointestinal tract, food allergies, gut ecology, sensitivities, and intolerances, feeding problems, special diets, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements, sleep patterns, environmental concerns, and Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and orders.

Nutrition Assessments are one hour and are available over the phone. A detailed look at development, lab work, medications, supplements, illnesses, diet, feeding patterns, sleep patterns, environment, allergies, and gastrointestinal symptoms will allow the generation of specific steps your child or you will benefit from.

Follow-Ups are one hour in length and take place over the phone, one month after the initial assessment to modify recommendations if needed, answer questions, and review recent changes. Additional follow-ups are recommended every 3-6 months for the initial year, and once a year following.

How do I know if this program is the right fit? Contact Amber for a complimentary nutrition screening over the phone. She will determine if nutrition therapy is appropriate at this time.

Will these services be covered by our health insurance? All insurance companies differ regarding which services are covered. For this reason, payments are due in full at the time the appointment is scheduled.