Amber Black  AADP Board Certified Nutrition Coach and Quantum Health Practitioner.  She has a background that includes over 25 years excellence in the Health and Fitness industry while serving in Medical Aesthetics and Natural Health Therapies. She is a Fitness Pro Athlete detailing over 35 successful competitive showcases from 2000-2021.  Amber is an Advocate for autism, and creator of Autisticfit Society, to those whose lives are touched with autism. She strives to provide example to for resilience, inspire and educate others to discover their potential to transform their health,  through the importance of activity awareness and nutrition.

Amber is currently earning her PhD in Integrative Quantum Medicine, and has studied nutrition and biology at the University of Nevada, attended Lincoln Institute for Aesthetics in Las Vegas, is a graduate and Alumni of (IIN) Institute Integrative Nutrition in NYC.  In recognition of the relationship between mental health, behaviors and physical ability, Amber assists individuals in living in such a way that reinforces disease prevention, health and wellness education and patient health advocacy. She provides guidance and mentoring in the areas bio- individuality to help individuals become more aware of their health behaviors and to move toward making sustainable changes in their lifestyle. Amber works on bridging the gap between nutrition, personal growth and growth mindset development, in such a way that empowers positive changes and cultivates a pro conscious lifestyle. Through applying the bio-individual needs of each program case, her intention to set forth a comprehensive and coherent strategy that is applied to provide solutions is a strength that comes from Amber’s experience and training. As a health coach, guiding a client to reach his or her health and life goals is a step by step process for implementing the progressive steps that ensure success and positive lifestyle habits. Amber carefully considers the markers and needs for each client to guide them in learning about new, health foods, the concept of primary foods: mindset, relations, career, exercise, and spirituality. As a health coach Amber acts as a guide, helping clients to gain control and take responsibility for their health. She works with the client to set goals to gradually incorporate improved primary, and secondary foods into the client’s life. Amber is passionate about the healing benefits of energy medicine and alternative care approaches. She has improved her quality of life and health through education, experience and developing her ability to help others. leading by the focus, work ethic and dedicated discipline she lives by.