Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Consultation –  This phone session includes reviewing a food list and meal plan; tips to easily and effectively integrate clean foods into your life; set individual calorie, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber & hydration goals; a comprehensive Performed Health History Questionnaire; education on Amber’s clean, balanced, and sustainable nutrition approach; and an emailed meal plan to meet your nutrition goals. This single session is designed to address specific nutritional concerns or interests.

Recognizing specific needs and conditions that direct health and wellbeing in our daily environment is a focus that we strive to provide balance and improvement in. The  affected families, schools and other individuals/organizations interacting with the directly affected individual is also a variable component and how adaptive our communities are in thriving daily. Therefore, the secondary mission is to COMPASSIONATELY provide EDUCATIONAL, COUNSELING and TRAINING programs that will INVOLVE the indirectly affected individuals/organizations as part of the HOLISTIC SOLUTION and provide support


4-Week Program – This package includes a personalized modular 4-week meal plan, along with two 30-minute follow-up sessions to ensure your plan fits your lifestyle and goals brilliantly. We will address: specific nutritional imbalances or concerns and how we can redirect these with food and supplementation support options for better health and desired results the foods that will best work in supporting your lifestyle goals, including weight loss, immunity, digestive or skin concerns, insomnia and hormone balancing and practices currently getting in the way of your success short- and long-term goal planning where we’ll create an action plan for your success.

6 Week Program –  This is a comprehensive 6-week program centered on nutrition, weight loss, and lifestyle. The initial consult will be an hour. In this consult the health history will be discussed that you can download and submit via email. We will then discuss your history, your weight loss and fitness goals, evaluate your fitness level, introduce you to the program philosophy and approach and make a plan for the following week.

ON GOING INTERRATIVE PROGRAMS – tailored to the specific needs on an ongoing basis to reach short and longer termed goals through meeting the progressive needs that evolve throughout development of the custom plan.

Email questions in the interim if needed.  For a review of your progress.

The program provides healthy lifestyle and nutrition planning, not fitness training. An evaluation to determine your goals and expectations, evaluate current habits, fitness level, body composition, as well as medical health history, family history and other factors to be used to develop your nutrition plan. From there, a developed nutrition plan will be created to compliment your training, daily activities and other goals.

 An approach to sustainable to improved wellness is based on awareness of the following fundamentals

  • Body awareness
  • Mindful intuitive eating
  • Reading labels of packaged foods
  • Satiety & fulfillment with food
  • A yogic approach towards eating
  • Cravings management
  • Irregular schedules