Quantum Health Coaching and Biofeedback

Growing & Environment Matters

Quantum Health Coaching specializes in heart and brain coherence using biofeedback, heart rate variability, and neurofeedback technologies in tandem with clients who can continue training on their own through the use of readily-available smartphone technologies.  Traditional wellness or nutrition coaching is a focus that differs from that of Quantum Health which focuses on the biofeedback and neurofeedback, using digital technologies, needed to support the journey to achieve full potential. This helps Optimal Learning and Growth happen through supportive experiences where integration can be applied immediately to what is learned with a solid foundation for success.

Quantum Biofeedback is designed to measure the energy patterns of the body “Body Electric” (Electro Physiological Reactivity) clearly in energetic medicine and address the aberrations in their field.

The Five Steps to improve homeostasis include:

  1. Find, Reduce, and Remove the Cause : stress reactions, lack of awareness, heredity, mental factors, trauma, allergies, smoking, toxins, pathogens, deficiency or excess of nutrients. Poor posture, too much heat in the food, lifestyle factors
  2. Rebuild and provide therapy to the organs that have been effected or are diseased… rebuild. It takes 7 years to rebuild the body whole and complete
  3. Unblock the blockages to the flow of life: restoring flow into the body will allow the body to heal itself. This is what the Quantum device does best.
  4. Reduce and Deal with the symptom and suffering naturally and nutritionally.
  5. Deal with the Metabolic and Constitutional Tendencies towards disease patterns or habits.


Coaching will help you soar!  Providing consistent work closely with you to give you feedback, challenge you in your own areas of professional and personal growth, who can demonstrate for you, and whose own paths to learn from.


Accountability as the magical pairing with single minded-focus creates and builds momentum in the process of progress. Striving to quickly integrate learning and build a critical skill for success.


Creates ease and connection to work from an intuitive and consciously connected place to that holds a truly clear space for healing and integration. This co-creation is an experience that keeps focus front and center to help identify the critical factors needed to reach destinations and clear motivation.

Self Compassion

Self-Responsibility must come hand in hand with a sense of deep compassion for self if we are to be effective, heart and soul centered. Quantum Health shares the practices that will free  old patterns that are no longer serving  and instead assist to cultivate ways to nurture, love and accept the self through the journey.

Physical Intelligence
Conscious awareness of what you put into your body, what you eat, what you think, what you drink. Are you in right relationship with your body. What tools and resources do you need to create balance?  Do you love your body and care for your body? Includes what you put onto your skin as well as the chemicals you use. Also includes the physical environment that you place around you, who surrounds you and how you treat your physical body. ​

Mental Intelligence
The ability to learn and comprehend new ideas and complex constructs.

Emotional Intelligence
The ability to recognize and discern emotions and different feelings and use that knowledge to guide your own thinking and behavior. Consciously aware of how you relate to those around you.  ​The ability to respond instead of react to situations around you. This is self regulation at its best.​

Spiritual Intelligence
Knowing who you truly are, operating with wisdom (experience) and maintaining peace regardless of the environment around you