Amber Black—Nutrition, Health Coach, and Fitness Expert

Houston-based nutrition, health coach, and fitness expert Amber Black can help you achieve your health and wellness goals with programs that she will design specifically for your needs.

Meet Amber Black

For over 25 years, Amber Black has been a symbol of excellence in the health and fitness industry as a Pro Athlete, health coach, and nutrition specialist. Through her journey earning her PhD in Integrative Quantum Medicine, work in nutrition, education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the Institute For Integrative Nutrition in NYC., continued studies and licensures in anti-aging Medical modalities, Amber applies a busy life with service to help other through inspiration as a competitive fitness athlets, holistic practitioner, and sharing about her personal journey overcoming the ups adowns with life living with autism ater a late life diagnosis and a comprehensive approach to managing the experience. Amber has acquired an incredible , and unique way of being with health, fitness, nutrition, and holistic care. She aims to share that with others an inspiration to propel others into higher conscious living and self awareness.  Amber provides a wholehearted and open minded solution that supports others to thrive and cultivate the clarity that supports the vessel of each individual to encourage better health, active lifestyle and live a thriving life within sustainable biological vibration and harmony.

Quantum Health Coaching

Amber’s believes in taking a holistic approach to health coaching. Learn more about Amber’s quantum health coaching services and how it can make a positive impact on achieving your goals.

Nutrition Planning

Having the right diet is key to making sure you maintain proper physical fitness. Let Amber help with her Nutrition Services.

Autism Nutrition

Natural and alternative means as preventative and nutritional medicine to help children and adults on the spectrum thrive is crucial for optimizing health inour times; Amber implements proper nutrition as an important key component when managing the symptoms that come along with the autistic spectrum.